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  Domestic Local (VA, DC, MD)
LEAP Workshop
(student success student development;
full day)
Small Group (up to 20) $7000 $5000
Large Group (up to 100) $9000 $7000
(student success, student development,
creative & critical thinking, or
mind mapping)
Small Group (up to 20) $4,200 $3000
Large Group (up to 100) $6,200 $5000
LEAP Workshop Thinking Course
(full day)
Small Group (up to 20) $9,000 $7000
Large Group (up to 100) $11,000 $9000
Tele-Course or WebCast (any size group)
LEAP Workshop $3,000 $3000
LEAP Workshop Thinking Course $4,000 $4000
Course $2,000 $2000

Note: International sessions are priced based on extended travel time.

Travel Charges

All travel, lodging, and meals are in addition to the above charges (there are no additional fees with local sessions). Charges are invoiced at my cost.

Book Sales

Special conference pricing on copies oConcise Learning is available.


A discount will be calculated for multiple talks.

Audio and Video

Audio and video recording for in-house use is permitted.

Workshop Cancellations

Deposit is not required. However, if you need to change the date or cancel the workshops, 90 days notice or a 33% workshop fee plus nonrefundable costs will be charged. The full workshop fee and any nonrefundable costs will be charged for a cancellation that occurs within 30 days of the scheduled workshop.