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What problem is Concise Learning trying to address?

With all the negative headlines about the current plight of education, it’s easy to get depressed and discouraged. Inadequate learning is undoubtedly the biggest obstacle to student success.

Concise Learning focuses on helping students master self-directed learning (using visual maps) and 21st century skills. Teachers alone cannot “produce” learning in students. Students need to accept that, ultimately, they are responsible for their own learning and success, and that they must take steps to learn how to learn and develop the skills they need to thrive in today’s complex world.

What sets Concise Learning apart?


1. Content

Far more than just a “how-to-study” book that outlines a few study skills, Concise Learning is a step-by-step guide to help high school and college students learn better and faster, get better grades, and become successful, both academically and in life.

This is the only book that teaches students the two critical prerequisites for success in school and life:

No other book has this amount of exhaustive and useful detail in one book.

2. Unique perspective

Concise Learning is based on my nearly 10 years of teaching experience and the experience of other teachers and thousands of students. This book provides real world experience and solutions to the learning issues facing students today.

3. Approach

This isn’t a book on learning theory. Rather, this book provides a simple and intuitive, yet proven and powerful, method for learning and managing multiple sources of information. With Concise Learning method (CLM), learning is achieved through a five-phase process (preview, participate, process, practice, and produce) in which students meaningfully organize and connect key concepts through a visual map, critically think, and ask key questions. With CLM, students can regain control of learning.

The second half of Concise Learning provides 13 two-page visual maps of skills of success (SOS) that teach students the skills needed to be successful.

4. Engaging style

Although it is substantive and comprehensive, the book is written in a light-hearted and conversational style (e.g., entertaining cartoons, inspirational quotes, and visual maps) that engages and connects with readers. The book keeps readers entertained, reading, and learning.


I bring a captivating, fun, and knowledgeable discussion to audiences—including face-to-face, on camera and over the phone interviews. I’ll engage, laugh, teach, and learn with your audience.

Topics (story angles) include:

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