Neuroscientists tell us that the brain connects and organizes information in networks and maps (read more about research on mind mapping). Visual thinking and mapping tools, especially mind mapping, help us manage information and transform it into knowledge in ways similar to that used by our brain. If you are interested in improving your thinking, learning, teaching, creativity, memory, note-taking, planning, and productivity, mind mapping is the tool of choice.

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Millions of people are using mind mapping to create, manage, and exchange information and knowledge. Are you?!

In our information-based society, the ability to handle large amounts of complex information is extremely important. Mind mapping helps represent available information visually in a comprehensive and clear manner. Properly organizing information into a mind map allows you to easily understand and evaluate existing knowledge by letting you see the forest (big picture) and the trees (details), and opens the door for effective application of your knowledge.

Visual MappingWhat is mind mapping?

Mind mapping of ideas and concepts is widely acknowledged as a very powerful and fun learning tool. A mind map is a graphic tool used to create, manage, and exchange information and knowledge. It represents information and knowledge via the spatial organization of concepts/topics, ideas, words, or other items linked to and arranged in a radial pattern around a central concept.

Think of it as a tree, where the various outlying branches the sub concepts , all connect back to the trunk or central concept. The elements of a given mind map are arranged intuitively according to the importance of the concepts, with the goal of representing accurate and meaningful connections among them. The concepts are typically represented in a hierarchical fashion with the most general (inclusive) concepts closer to the central concept and the less general (more exclusive or specific) concepts placed further away from the central concept.

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Who is it for?

Everyone. It's successfully used in business (many of top companies use it) and education (in many UK schools, mind mapping is now a core learning skill in the curriculum), and can be easily learned and used by anyone. Even Bill Gates and Al Gore use it.

Why use mind mapping?

Mind mapping is a whole brain system to capture all your information. It's a matter of taking information that you have and with which you are presented and then organizing it in a more useful and meaningful way. By using mind maps, you can better and more quickly capture, consolidate, organize, connect and analyze information and knowledge, and enhance your ability to understand subjects, solve problems, and learn.

mind mapping is a learning tool

Mind mapping is an integral part of the Concise Learning method (CLM). Mind mapping has become an essential tool for students who want to accelerate and improve their learning and understanding. Given the vast amounts of information they are expected to master, such acceleration and improvement is critical to students' academic success. Through mapping concepts and ideas, students become better learners and thinkers. Mind mapping offers enough flexibility to maintain interest and encourage curiosity and enough structure to keep the learner on track. When mapping, one is constantly thinking, connecting, simplifying, synthesizing, questioning, and, ultimately, learning.

mind Mapping is a learning assessment tool

Mind maps can also be used as an assessment tool to check your understanding of a particular subject. Research shows that mind mapping can help learners detect misunderstandings as well as understandings of the represented information. Mind maps express students' misconceptions just as clearly as their correct conceptions and can therefore help students and instructors diagnose and remedy these misconceptions.

Students' praise mind mapping's effectiveness

Once students become familiar with mind mapping, they can use it to prevent the information overload that frequently plagues them. Students praise mind maps as the best tool for note taking and summarizing large amounts of information into a format that helps them study, learn better, and excel on exams. Without the opportunity for taking an active role in the learning process that mind maps provide, students find learning mundane, are uninspired, learn less effectively, and more easily forget what they do learn.

mind mapping programs

Everyone knows how easy it is to mindly map. The common saying "if you can hit enter and insert you can map" is a testament to that.

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Mind mapping will enable you to more effectively create, manage, and exchange information and knowledge. It's a tool that will improve your thinking, learning, and creativity. Start mind mapping today!