Lifelong Learning with Mind Maps and CLM

"Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival."– W. Edwards Deming

After the publication of Concise Learning and How to Study with Mind Maps (HTSWMM), I began receiving many e-mails from working professionals. Although some commented on how they had adapted the Concise Learning Method (CLM) to their work lives, thereby becoming more productive knowledge workers, others expressed disappointment that the book didn't specifically address how to use CLM for lifelong learning in the workplace.

Concise Learning

I've written this chapter to meet that need. Students, however, have not been left out. Although it's written with professionals in mind, both those working at companies and those working independently, students will also find value in the chapter, especially those students about to graduate and experience the opportunities and challenges of life outside of the classroom.

NOTE: This chapter is not available in the hardcover version of Concise Learning, but if you bought the book, please e-mail me an electronic copy of the book cover or purchase receipt and I'll email you this chapter as a PDF.

Using Mind Maps for Lifelong Learning: Resources, Examples & Templates

Click on the mind map below for links to mind map resources, examples, and templates on topics related to lifelong learning. If you come across other useful resources, send me an e-mail and I'll add them to the map.