I help students learn and succeed in school and life with mind maps.

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Professor Toni Krasnic (profTK) is an author, student success coach, teacher and mind mapper. He is a trusted voice on learning and student success. Think of your typical professor, only younger and student-centric. What began as a young professor’s desire to help his students transform the quality of their learning and skills has grown into his lifelong mission to inspire and teach all students how to learn and be successful.

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Toni Krasnic is the author of Concise Learning and a student success coach. A former professor of chemistry with a decade of college-level teaching experience at both two-year and four-year institutions, including four years at The George Washington University, he knows what works best to help students learn and succeed. He earned his advanced chemistry degree from St. John’s University and his MBA from Zicklin School of Business. He has advised thousands of students on how to become more effective and efficient learners with his concise learning method, helping them achieve success in school and in life.

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Excelling in school has never been more difficult or competitive. Students are expected to learn an ever-increasing amount of information, yet no one bothers to explain how to learn or what skills are needed to succeed in school and life. I found it frustrating that student are not taught how to learn and that so many simple but important success skills are kept from students. That’s what triggered my search for how to learn and how to develop skills of success, and eventually, the concept for Concise Learning.

Not until I discovered mind mapping, was I able to manage the vast amounts of information that I dealt with everyday. This one tool has proven tremendously valuable and I still use to a large extent today (including writing this book and managing this Web site). For me, mind mapping was an amazing improvement over plain text and linear thinking; it vastly improved my ability to learn, think, and communicate important concepts and ideas. Suddenly, I was able to visualize multiple connections and pathways. Once you try it, you too will recognize the amazing power mind maps have to enhance your understanding and learning, and facilitate everything you do.

It’s because of my personal experience with “information overload” and then of “information liberation” as a direct result of the techniques and skills I've laid out in Concise Learning.

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I'm a proud dad of two kids. They have showm me first-hand how amazing and fun learning can be when we're curious and ask questions.

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