“Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill.” – Tony Buzan

ReportsHow Are You Learning?

Learning is about immersing yourself in the mystery of new information so you can understand it, apply it, and create new information for others and knowledge for yourself. That’s what makes learning such an exciting adventure.

To be a successful learner, you must have some basic training on how to learn. You know you’re on the right path when you’re observing, discovering, thinking, questioning, solving problems, and, most importantly, feeling engaged and interested. Anything less is not true learning.

Students Are Unprepared for College

Back To SchoolEvery year, millions of students transition from high school to college. Often, these students find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to assimilate in college and stymied by the lack of guidance, something they were accustomed to receiving in high school.

The statistics are downright troubling.

These findings demonstrate the urgent need for more effective learning. Will you be ready for college when the semester comes at you like a freight train?

StudyingStudying / Learning

Let’s face it: schools tell you what to learn but not how to learn. Although the amount of information you’re expected to learn has dramatically increased, you’re left on your own to figure out how to learn, mostly through trial-and-error studying. Studying, however, is not the same as learning. Simply rereading the same material over and over again is not the answer. I wrote this book so students like you can learn how to learn.

New DiscoveryEveryone Can Learn How to Learn

Today, students are arriving at colleges unable to think through problems, learn fundamental subjects, and do well on basic exams. It’s not that college subjects cannot be learned; it’s that students have never been taught how to learn. This is the missing step in our schools.

Concise Learning will teach you to master the art of learning. That’s right; learning is an art that you can master. Understand this: learning is more a function of process than aptitude. It’s more about how you learn than how smart you are. This means that it’s up to you, not your genes, to determine how well you learn and the grades you get.

Results You Can Expect from This Book

Concise Learning is about turning studying into learning and about turning information into knowledge. This book will teach you how to make this significant transformation in your studies through a learning method that involves visual mapping, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Thumbs UpDon’t worry; this isn’t a book on learning theory. Rather, this book will provide you with a simple and intuitive, yet proven and powerful, method for learning and managing multiple sources of information. You’ll also benefit from my professional insight and guidance on learning, as well as my 13 essential skills for success in college and life, all acquired from years of teaching and with input from thousands of students.

You’ll learn to:

BooksHow This Book Differs from Other “How-to-Study” Books

This is the only book that teaches you two critical prerequisites for success in college and life: mastery of content and mastery of skills.

Open other “how-to-study” books and you’ll find only a discussion of study skills, which alone are not sufficient to make you a better learner and a more successful student. Concise Learning, on the other hand, embodies a comprehensive, systematic, theory-supported, and student-proven learning method that empowers you to learn effectively and efficiently and can be applied to all school subjects and real-life situations.

Join the Top Ranks of Highly Successful Students

ResultsEveryone has the capacity to get As. What you need are simple changes in how you learn. Concise Learning is your easy-to-read and engaging guide to academic success, teaching you how to learn and what skills to put into practice. This book will serve you as a learning blueprint that you can apply immediately and as a skills resource to which you’ll return again and again.

Thousands of students have already gained control over their learning with the Concise Learning method (CLM) and the 13 skills of success (SOS) presented in this book and have successfully transitioned from a state of freshman anxiety and insecurity to one of independence, confidence, and success. I know you can do the same.

Welcome to the exciting adventure of learning. With Concise Learning, your education and career goals are within reach.

Toni Krasnic
Toni Krasnic