With all the negative headlines about the current plight of education, it’s easy to get depressed and discouraged. Inadequate learning is undoubtedly the biggest obstacle to student success.

An Urgent Need Exists for More Effective Learning

CLMLearning is a central human activity and has important implications for school, career, and life. It is the foundation for success in and enjoyment of life. Now consider this: in all of your years of attending school, did anyone ever teach you how to learn? Probably not.

If you’re like most students, you’re probably overwhelmed with information and, as a result, feel confused, unsure where to begin, and out of control. Simply hoping for the best by reading the material over and over again isn’t an effective strategy. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Concise Learning Method (CLM)

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With CLM, you can regain control of your learning. CLM is a proven method that will make you a better learner and enable you to achieve better grades. It’s a visual, flexible, meaningful, and systematic approach to effective and efficient learning through the use of an active, cognitive, inquiry-based, and constructive process. CLM enables you to break free from passive and dull memorization.

CLM is based on the premise that learning is a multi-phase process, in which you meaningfully organize and connect key concepts through visual maps by critically thinking and asking key questions. Click here for the CLM summary diagram


CLM = 5Ps 4 repeating steps within each P

A. CLM is concise, visual, flexible, meaningful, and systematic. It contains only elements that add real value to your learning and your grades. Everything else is purposely eliminated.

The 5Ps of CLM

B. CLM contains 5 phases (preview, participate, process, practice, and produce) that break any subject matter into digestible parts, thereby making learning more manageable. Each subsequent phase reinforces and builds on the previous phase.

5P's of CLM

The 4 repeating steps within each P

C. Within each phase, 4 steps (identify key concepts, meaningfully organize and connect key concepts using a visual map, think critically, and ask key questions) continuously repeat, enabling you to meaningfully reconstruct information that you hear and read into a new creation (visual map), where someone else’s thinking now exists in your mind within your personal framework.

Visual mapping

D. Through this active, cognitive, and constructive learning process, you integrate new information with existing information, condensing and transforming it into personal and meaningful knowledge.

How to Study with Mind Maps Infographic

Infographic: Venngage Flowchart Maker

Benefits Of CLM

The 5Ps — the five phases of learning — and the 4 steps within each of the 5Ps guide your thought processes as you’re learning. Together, they provide a visible, flexible, and systematic approach to cultivating:

CLM: Your Way to a Higher Level of Learning & Success

Your success is up to you. When you do things the same way, your outcomes will be the same. If you want to improve your outcomes, you have to improve your actions. For success to come to you, both in college and in life, you must want it and take steps to pursue it.

CLM gives you a proven way of regaining control of your learning. When you put CLM into practice, you’ll see immediate and long-term results.

Take your learning to a higher level with CLM and your success will surely follow.