“We were born to succeed, not to fail.” -Henry David Thoreau

Finally, You’re Off to College!Trainer

The moment couldn't come too soon. It's exciting, it's thrilling, and it's nerve-racking. The freshman year in college is a big deal, huge deal. Tackling more demanding academics, meeting new people, getting accustomed to the new environment, navigating through the maze of new classes and activities, and staying in control through all of this can be quite daunting.

You’ve seen some drastic changes occurring in your education throughout grades 1-12. Now, with your transition to college, you will encounter new and different challenges. This is the time to look back and ahead, and prepare yourself to face the new demands and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Don't panic because you're not alone. I’ve been helping high school students successfully transition to college for many years, and I can help you.

The Need for Student Support during the First-Year of College

High School Students are Unprepared for College Trainer

Every year, millions of students transition from high school to college. Often, these students find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to assimilate in college and stymied by the lack of guidance, something they were accustomed to receiving in high school. As a result, they struggle in college.

The statistics are downright troubling and suggest that many new college students are ill-prepared to meet the challenges they face upon entry into college:

Furthermore, studies show that students who drop out of college do so mainly within the first year (National Center for Education Statistics; also, Southern Regional Education Board).

Students Aren’t Learning Much in College

Even when college students graduate on time, many of them don’t learn much while in college. According to Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses (Arum & Roksa, 2011), whose results were based on tracking of 2,300 students enrolled at a range of four-year colleges and universities, 45 percent of students "did not demonstrate any significant improvement in learning" during the first two years of college, 36 percent of students "did not demonstrate any significant improvement in learning" over four years of college, and even those students who did show improvements showed only modest improvements. For many undergraduates, authors write, "drifting through college without a clear sense of purpose is readily apparent." In short, students can accumulate lots of credits without learning much, a fundamental failure that demands the attention of us all.

Students Aren’t Learning Success Skills in College

There are many skills that students haven’t learned in high school and won’t learn in college, yet, they are essential to student success in school, career, and life. With my 1-on-1 courses, students learn skills that they can immediately apply to the classroom and beyond the classroom.

How I Can Help With Your First-Year Transition

While the First-Year Experience changes everyone to a degree, it’s become my passion. I believe in the potential of all students and support their success in school and beyond. I have the best job in the world because I’m invited to share the lives of high school seniors transitioning to college.

Over the last few years, as I have traveled the country and spoken to students, I have immersed myself in the world of freshmen-to-be. I have been listening to you, thinking about you, and sharing your hopes and dreams for success, and fears o failure. I have experienced what you are experiencing, over and over again, every year with a different group of students. I know that this is a huge change in your life, and you could easily spend your entire first year reading many of the books on this topic, time which you don’t have. With my help, you’ll start on the right track and make a smooth transition.

Coaching, workshops, my book, and 1-on-1 courses listed below have become my way of sharing what I have learned along the way.

Take the Leap from High School to College with the LEAP Program


The very essence of LEAP stands for the essential components of student’s development in college:

I also offer a course on Creative & Critical Thinking and Mind Mapping.

The LEAP Program helps students take 100% responsibility for their life by helping them discover their life purpose, clarifying their visions, defining goals and setting milestones, and helping them take immediate actions toward their success. When students link their own goals and values to their life purpose, they become more engaged in their life, educations, and development.

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1-on-1 Courses

Every one of these courses immerses you into an intensive, 1-on-1 session that offers hands-on activities and exercises. These courses are results-oriented, designed with the goal of making you more productive and successful by providing you with practical, relevant skills that you can apply immediately. As a result, you’ll learn more and learn faster than you would in other traditional courses. And, of course, all sessions are 100% guaranteed.

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Student Success chart chart chart chart

Benefits to Students, Parents, Colleges, and High Schools


Invest one day with me to:

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Most people who have achieved great success give credit to someone who’s helped them along the way. They all had someone to lead, guide, and inspire them.

You and I, and students, are no different. Speak to your child about my 1-on-1 courses, the LEAP program, and my book. If they’re interested (please don’t force them because it doesn’t work!), I’d be delighted to work with them.

With my 1-on-1 coaching, you’ll:

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Studies suggest that early identification of academic risk can lead to increased academic performance and retention (Robbins et al., 2004, 2009). It is suggested that schools identify at-risk students early, provide students with resources designed to increase their opportunity to succeed academically, and track student progress.

Benefits of Fist-Year Experience programs include:

The benefits of First-Year Experience programs at colleges are well documented, and you most likely have one in place at your school. If you do, I can complement your FYE Program with my Mind Mapping course and Creative & Critical Thinking course. And if you don’t have a FYE Program, I’d be delighted to host a LEAP Workshop at your school. Either way, let’s connect.

High Schools

I offer FREE, 1- hour seminars at local high schools (VA, DC, MD) for high school seniors. Contact me to schedule a seminar.

Your Success is Our Shared JobTrainer

Coaching is all about change, about growing, and learning. As a student, you are also responsible for creating a successful coaching relationship. It is about collaboration and learning from each other.

For coaching to work, you must do your part. The more effort you put into the coaching relationship, the greater the benefits. On the other hand, if you lack passion for learning and growing, or put very little effort into the coaching process, you will benefit much less.

Are you ready to make the leap from where you are now to where you want to be?!

Make the Best of Your First-Year Experience

The first year will be one of the most fabulous years of your life and one of the years you’ll remember most. A few bad grades, moments of confusion, and few instances of heartburn will be trivial to the amazing transformation that you’re embarking on. Enjoy!

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