Students, teachers, parents, guidance counselors, school administrators, and educational experts are praising Concise Learning as an essential resource to student success. They find that the Concise Learning method (CLM) improves students’ learning and grades, and skills of success (SOS) provide a comprehensive reference of skills that students need to succeed.


Experts Book Reviews (educational experts)

Experts from across the educational spectrum agree: Concise Learning is required reading for every student because it provides them with unrivaled information on learning and success.

What a compendium of enormously helpful information on how to learn more successfully! Many years ago I thought I could never wean myself from my yellow note pad when I was preparing to write. Then came Word! And now I find I have grown an extra brain facilitating not only my writing but also my thinking. The same is true of visual mapping which I have used successfully for years in preparing writing, presentations, and new projects. Since the advent of new visual mapping software that facilitates individual brainstorming and writing there comes a whole new way of working productively. This timely and practical new book on using these numerous new electronic processes incorporated in a Concise Learning Method and a Skills of Success program can facilitate and accelerate learning for students at all levels. This book will be enormously useful for all schools and universities in giving students powerful new tools for learning successfully.
Dee Dickinson
Former CEO of New Horizons for Learning
Author: Teaching and Learning Through Multiple Intelligence

“The brain learns by adding sensory input to existing neural networks in a process known as neuroplasticity. The success of neuroplasticity and the accompanying long-term memory and construction of concepts, rather than isolated bits of rote memorized facts, is what enables us to turn learning into knowledge. The use of preview, activating prior knowledge, mental processing, and applying new input through practice and participation are the prerequisites for transferring knowledge learned in one form for use in a new conditions. These are what I call the neurological tools of extending knowledge into ultimate wisdom. Concise Learning offers strategies to achieve these critical learning and skill sets.”
Judy Willis, M.D., M.Ed
Neurologist, Teacher, Educational Consultant
Author: How Your Child Learns Best: A parent guide to raising smarter children by a neurologist and classroom teacher

“Learning how to learn has historically been one of the most overlooked skills not taught to students. As a result learning continues to be a challenge into adulthood. The stress and pressure this creates can be replaced with success by applying Professor Krasnic’s Concise Learning Method. If you are a student or have a student that wants to strengthen their learning skills, Concise Learning is for you.”
Jamie Nast
Co-Founder of NastGroup, Inc.
Author: Idea Mapping: How to Access Your Hidden Brain Power, Learn Faster, Remember More, and Achieve Success in Business

“Toni Krasnic has written an extraordinary book on ‘how to learn.’ This is not your run-of-the-mill book on effective studying techniques. This is a ground-breaking book that will transform the way students look at learning! The Concise Learning method (CLM) and skills of success (SOS) provide students with effective visual mapping tools for excelling in college and life. As someone who excelled in college and graduate school, I know first hand that you need a learning strategy to excel. CLM and SOS will provide such a strategy to any student who picks up the book!”
Chance Brown
Learning & Development Specialist

"This is an excellent resource for teachers, students and parents alike who are committed to making learning not only more effective and efficient but actually more enjoyable. Concise Learning definitely goes on my recommended reading list."
Michael Tipper
Grand master of memory
Author: Memory Power-Up: 101 Ways to Instant Recall

“Making the leap from high school to college can be a scary transition. Concise Learning provides students with the learning method and skills they need to take control of their education. Toni presents fast and effective techniques to engage and invigorate the learning process which will yield life-long benefits. Concise Learning is a ‘must have’ for all students!“  
Michael Deutch
Chief Evangelist for Mindjet and author of the Mindjet Blog

“This book should be no more than an arm's length away from the desk of every student starting college. It sets out a systematic five-phase study process, built on the principle that visualizing information makes learning concrete and generates interest. It describes how to organize the material being learned visually. It gives a method for critical thinking, shows how to spot gaps in understanding and fill them, and it does this in a highly motivating, and visual, style.” 
Roy Grubb 
Designer of Topicscape, the visual 3D information organizer
Principal editor of WikIT, the mind mapping wiki

“For students there has never been such an enjoyable and easy way to learn, and be more successful than by using the Concise Learning method.  Through tried and tested personal experience and by using the benefits of visual mapping, Toni Krasnic has created an amazing and easy to follow method for students. The art of learning has never been so easy!”
Matthew Lang
Editor at MindMapSwitch

"Toni Krasnic has written the clearest guide on how to maximize the benefits of visual mapping using his Concise Learning method (CLM) and Skills of Success (SOS).  Success in academics and in life are inevitable if you persist in using the methods presented in this book."
Angelo Lam
Co-founder and director of Jump Start Solutions Inc.

Concise Learning takes material that is scattered from a variety of sources and brings the research and practice into a coherent learning method that can be easily followed.  Thinking is at the heart of any meaningful curriculum and is the focus of this book. Concise Learning helps students become more analytical and critical thinkers, enabling them to learn independently and meaningfully.”
Bena Kallick
Co-director of Institute for Habits of Mind
Co-author: Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind and Habits of Mind Across the Curriculum

“Toni Krasnic shows you-in a step-by-step manner- how to become a more engaged, efficient and effective learner. As you take command of your ability to learn you'll discover that the principles and practices of Concise Learning are more than just the keys to academic achievement--this approach offers a guide to living a successful life.”
Michael J. Gelb
Leading authority on the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development
Author: How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci

“CLM and SOS are genius breakthrough strategies and should be standard inclusions within academic curriculums worldwide. You’ll experience many “AHA!” moments while reading Concise Learning.  Most importantly, you’ll become a process conscious systems thinker; dramatically improving the way you create, manage and present information.  Concise Learning is a handbook for great future success in school, work and life.”
Wallace Tait
Visual mapping consultant
Editor at VisualMapper and Hypershifters

Concise Learning presents an intuitive, sensible and comprehensive study program for students. The step-by-step instructions and guidelines coupled together with visual exercises, tools and techniques make this an enjoyable and practical manual for the student who desires to gain an advantage over their peers. Toni effectively merges concepts of visual thinking and mapping with practical accelerated learning techniques that are easy to learn and fun to apply - providing students with an indispensable manual for learning in the 21st Century.”
Adam Sicinski
Life coach and accelerated learning professional
Founder of IQ Matrix

“Concise Learning is a wonderful tool for teachers and students. The brain remembers visuals and turning short-term memories into long-term memories is what learning is about. Previewing, participating, and processing information engages learners and offers them the information they need to rehearse memories and to retrieve them. Toni has done a great job in organizing this book to help us organize our brains for success!”
Marilee Sprenger
International Educational Neuroscience Consultant
Author: How To Teach So Students Remember

“Education in schools has changed through the years, but the importance of making information personally meaningful still remains the core essence of learning. Concise Learning method does just that – it teaches the students to transform information into meaningful knowledge.”
Jerome Bruner
Professor at New York University
Author: The Culture of Education

“Professor Krasnic has tackled the overwhelming task of learning, breaking it down into manageable steps, demonstrating how to organize key concepts, how to think critically, and how to ask the right kinds of questions that cultivate curiosity and promote problem-solving skills.”
Scott Hagwood
4 time USA Memory Champion
Author: Memory Power

“Students need to take responsibility for their own learning to be successful. Concise Learning method will enable you to break free from depending on others to becoming a competent and independent learner.”
Douglas Fisher
Professor of Teacher Education at San Diego State University
Author: Better Learning Through Structured Teaching: A Framework for the Gradual Release of Responsibility

"By following the practical suggestions offered in this book, college students will deepen their understanding of course material."
Jay McTighe
Educational consultant
Co-author: Understanding by Design

"What got you to college won’t get you through college. Learn the skills that you’ll need by reading Concise Learning. "
Marshall Goldsmith
Million selling author of best-selling What Got You Here Won't Get You There, Succession: Are You Ready, and the MOJO: How to Get It, How to Keep It, and How to Get It Back If You Lose It.

"This is a great tool for students as the book gets right to the heart of learning how to learn and engaging your whole brain."
Dominic O'Brien
Eight-time world memory champion
Author: How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Week by Week: 52 Proven Ways to Enhance Your Memory Skills

"Effective instruction and academic support are necessary, but not sufficient for student success. Students also need a plan and the tools for independent learning. Concise Learning gives them a blueprint for success."
Burck Smith
CEO and Founder of StraighterLine
Founder and former CEO of SMARTHINKING

" Concise Learning provides a powerful and practical learning method for students. Concise Learning method will greatly help students improve their understanding, self-organization, time management and will empower them to become much more engaged and motivated. These aspects will lead to better grades and success in school."
Philippe Boukobza
Visual Thinking and Web 2.0 Consultant

"Although education is all about learning, we rarely equip students with an understanding of how to learn. In Concise Learning, author Toni Krasnic takes an awareness of how the mind constructs learning to create a ‘how to’ plan for students. ‘Learning is more a function of process than aptitude,’ explains Krasnic, and by applying his comprehensive approach, readers can organize and connect to new information in ways that foster authentic learning. The easy-to-read text and engaging visuals make the book not only a valuable tool, but also a fun read. If you want to become a self-directed learner, help develop one, or equip an entire class with self-learning techniques, this is the book to have, give, and teach."
Kevin D. Washburn
Executive Director of Clerestory Learning
Author: The Architecture of Learning: Designing Instruction for the Learning Brain

Book Testimonials (readers)


“This book is a student’s gem. It has everything that you need to become a successful student.” - Student

“This is the best high school graduation gift that you can give to your kid.” - Parent

“This is the only book that I’ve seen that covers how to learn and success skills. It’s a complete success guide for students.” - Guidance counselor

“This book has tons of useful information and is a fun read.” - Student

“Excellent source of information on how to learn and skills needed to succeed. Every high school and college student should get this book.” - Student

“This book tells students everything their parents want to tell them and more. Get it for you kid today.” - Parent

“The applicability of this book does not stop in school. Concise Learning is a guide for life.” - Student

“Concise Learning challenges students to take control of their learning and success. Ironically, it’s much more effective at it than I was with my child.” - Parent

Concise Learning changed my perception of education from ‘I just want to get through school’ to ‘I want to enjoy my school experience and take advantage of this opportunity to prepare for the rest of my life.” - Student

“Finally, a book that shows students how to make learning fun.” - Student

“I wish I had this book when I was in college.” - Guidance counselor