A wise man once said: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Albert Einstein had an excellent point. If you want to see positive change in yourself, you have to change the way you think, how you learn, and what you do. Concise Learning (see mind map overview of the book below), via the Concise Leaning method (CLM) and skills of success (SOS), can make that happen for you, just like it did for thousands of other students.

Things don’t get handed to you in life. Don't be left behind by your current ways; take action now to jumpstart your learning and success today!


Forget non-stop studying, which can leave you exhausted and with mediocre grades. You don’t need to go through college buried in books. Concise Learning is your step-by-step learning and skills blueprint for success.

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Preview the Book

How to Study with Mind Maps is the Kindle version of Concise Learning and is currently the only version of the book available.

There's a new chapter that goes with this book: Lifelong Learning with CLM. If you bought the hard cover book, please e-mail me an electronic copy of the book cover or purchase receipt and I'll email you the new chapter as a PDF.

Note that How to Study with Mind Maps already contains the Lifelong Learning chapter.

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Smart Investment for Success in School and Life

For a very tiny fraction of your total tuition cost, you'll learn more from this book about learning, information management, and student success than in any class you’ll take in college. This is an investment in your learning and personal success that you simply can't pass up.

Read reviews to see why education experts and students are saying that every student needs a copy of Concise Learning.

Can I Afford this Book?

This book will prepare you for school and life, helping you recognize and take advantage of the many opportunities that lie ahead of you.

What you should be asking is, “Can I afford NOT to buy this book?

Books10 Reasons Why You Should Buy This Book

#1: Concise Learning is the only book that teaches you two critical prerequisites for success in college and life: how to learn and skills of success.

Open other “how to study” books and you’ll find only a discussion of study skills, which alone are not sufficient to make you a better learner and a more successful student. Concise Learning, on the other hand, embodies a comprehensive, systematic, theory-supported, and student-proven learning method that empowers you to learn effectively and efficiently and can be applied to all school subjects and real-life situations.

#2: You’ll ace your exams.

You’ll benefit tremendously from a consistent method that takes the guesswork out of learning, reduces wasted time spent passively studying, and eliminates the need for cramming. By improving your learning and skills, you’ll join thousands of other students who have boosted their grades with Concise Learning.

#3: You’ll master the skills of success to become more focused and productive, putting you in control of your education, career, and life.

All too often, students are unsuccessful and perform poorly simply because they lack essential skills. In many cases, they are confused from the start, don’t know where to begin, are not motivated, and feel overwhelmed by everything that’s going on in their lives as they begin their college careers. If their skills don’t change and grow, these students will continue to struggle throughout their coursework. The skills of success discussed in Concise Learning can make the difference between maintaining the As you’ve become accustomed to and suddenly finding yourself getting Cs. 

#4: You’ll become an efficient learner, leaving you plenty of time and energy to pursue other interests.

It's not the effort you put in that you get graded on; rather, it’s what you know and your ability to apply and communicate what you know. Therefore, an effective learning method should deliver the same or better results but cut down on the effort and time required to deliver those results. Two independent studies showed that utilizing visual mapping software can help you increase your productivity by up to 20 percent, the equivalent of gaining back an extra day to invest in other college activities. With CLM, you only do things once (never repeating a task) because everything you do in CLM has a learning purpose. Furthermore, with CLM you don’t have to read or write everything; rather, you’re only distilling and integrating important concepts. This, in turn, saves you lots of time and effort, while still delivering outstanding learning results.

#5: You’ll become an effective learner, resulting in improved learning and grades.

With CLM, not only are you doing things right, saving you time and effort, but you’re also doing the right thing: effectively learning. Simple memorization might work in high school for some subjects, but it will hardly ever work in college. Meaningful learning is required to do well on college exams. Your old study methods, including memorization, won’t help you with the testing tasks commonly employed by college instructors, such as summarizing in your own words, explaining relationships to other concepts, giving new examples, and solving new problems.

#6: You’ll become a self-directed learner.

Nobody can teach you better than you can teach yourself because only you know what works best for you. Once you realize that you’re in charge of your learning, you’re liberated, empowered, and engaged. When you no longer blame your teachers and parents for your failures, you have no choice but to take matters into your own hands. With self-control and self-guidance, you start to think for yourself and the learning process becomes entirely yours, fed by information from everywhere. Seeing the results you’ve achieved under your own leadership is both rewarding and motivating.

#7: You’ll become an engaged learner.

Now that you realize that you’re the driver in your learning process, you must figure out how you want to drive. If there's one characteristic that separates the leaders from the followers and the successful from the unsuccessful, it is curiosity. It’s curiosity that made Albert Einstein the creative genius we all admire. It’s the curious thinker who will ask the right questions and find new solutions. If you're not curious, then you're not asking yourself questions. If you're not asking yourself questions, then you're satisfied with just getting by. If you want to be an outstanding learner, you must develop a curious mind. Curiosity and problem solving are an integral part of CLM, because CLM requires you to constantly ask new questions in an attempt to get the missing details (concepts) and connections needed to grasp the big picture. By becoming engaged, rather than simply reading and listening, you’re actively learning.

#8: Your learning will become sustainable.

A very important quality of any learning method is that it be sustainable. The method must be simple enough and effective enough to be used throughout your college education and even after college. A simple study method such as cramming is not sustainable because you’re just memorizing information for an exam and that knowledge will “disappear” within a few days. A complicated and cumbersome method will be abandoned a week into the semester. That’s why CLM was trimmed to include only the essential elements — the 5Ps and 4 steps — that add real value to your learning and your grades. With CLM, you’re assured of a consistent approach and sustainable results.

#9: You'll achieve success in school and life.

Concise Learning teaches you how to learn and be successful, quickly and easily. Rather than spend your time, effort, and money guessing your way through college, you can get on the easy and successful path with Concise Learning.

#10: You'll get outstanding value.

Concise Learning is two books in one (concise learning method and skills of success) and has thirteen two-page, color visual map foldouts of skills of success that are loaded with real-life lessons from Professor Krasnic, other professors, highly successful students, and many experts. Furthermore, the book has six bonus visual maps from IQ Matrix (critical thinking; six thinking hats; unleashing creativity; problem solving; strategic questioning; improve your memory) . Concise Learning easily pays for itself many times over.


Don’t be left behind by your current ways. Get the book now to jumpstart your learning and boost your grades immediately!